You Bet Your Aster

Summer, it would seem, is here!  It’s heating up, the pool is open and laughter and many in our community are walking about enjoying the sunshine.  A few of the last landscaping projects around the community are complete. We have tackled two locations that have seen quite a bit of run off. In an effort to stop any further erosion, we decided to plant a number of plants that will grip the soil, and hopefully add to the content of the soil.  Not to mention that this will greatly add to the opportunity for our neighborhood pollinators! Eventually. The two areas are at the end of Thompson Road, and at the end of Breckenridge Court.  Both areas are quite different – one is mostly sunny, the other mostly shady. This means the types of plants are quite different, serving quite different functions.  The similar to all of them is — soil retention, moderate growth, and pollinator benefit. The Thompson Rd site was planted with some native grasses-Little Bluestem, and Northern Sea Oats; Gray Goldenrod, Mountain Mint, Aromatic Aster, Pussytoes.  This site is a bit steep and will likely see some movement but hopefully within a few weeks these plants will help to stabilize the site.
The Breckenridge Ct. side is a bit shadier. We planted Christmas Ferns, Northern Sea Oats, Golden Groundsel, Dwarf Crested Iris, Woodland Phlox, White Wood Aster, Bluestem Goldenrod. This site is a bit shadier and gets quite a bit of water run off.
For both sites additional watering will be required.  If anyone would be willing to assist that would be great–especially at Thompson Rd. The extra care given in these next few weeks will greatly assist in the success of these plantings. So you are walking around the neighborhood and notice that some of these plants could use a bit of water–by all means help out.
Here’s what’s coming up: 19-27 June is Pollinator Week.  I’ll give more information related to this national event on the 19th.
Until then happy gardening. Stay hydrated. Put on some sunscreen, and watch the activity around the garden.  Right now what is blooming in my garden is the Penstemon/Beardtongue with its tubular white flowers are open and accepting pollinators.  Spiderworts that open up during the day that close up shyly at night.  My garden is getting ready to show the Liatris, Joe Pye Weed, and Swamp milkweed.  Can’t wait!
Until next time!
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