You Bet Your Aster

Friday, May 12th is National Public Gardens Day!  It’s always the Friday preceding Mother’s Day. Our local area is chock full of wonderful garden areas to view and visit and get your botanizing on!  Here is a small local list in case you were so inclined. You can check their websites to see what events or special exhibits are on display or just go and enjoy because you love to see things growing around you.


James Madison’s Montpelier

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Green Spring Gardens

Washington DC

U.S. Botanic Garden

Smithsonian Gardens

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden

This Saturday, May 13th is also Spring Clean up day. While anything you may need to get out of your garden or just spruce things up a bit you may want to consider:

1) Additional mulch

2) A water feature this year?

3) Bagging up invasive plants and weeds

4) Adding a different edge or border to your space.

Whatever you do, keep the “-cides” at bay and enjoy your time in the space.

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