You Bet Your Aster

Marquee planting project: COMPLETE! We have our front marquee planting area completely planted for this year’s (and many more) planting season. The final step was to plant a series of annual plants in and around the spaces of the perennials that were planted a few weeks ago. These will add some pop of color to this season’s planting and hopefully you will all get a chance to enjoy them.

We planted a set of Celosias and Zinnias as they will bloom for quite a long time this season and provide a lot of pollen sources for our native pollinators. The Celosia’s will grow about 10″ high and have plumes of bright yellow, pink or magenta flowers. Their name comes from the Greek which means “burning” as our species will look like little fires. The Zinnias will also be a colorful bunch ranging from white, yellow and magenta. They may get to about 1-2ft tall. The full sun area of the marquee will be a great habitat for both of them.

The landscape crew has done their part to cut down the grass and trim all edges. If you notice any unwanted weeds coming up in your yard try to get at the flowers first. You’ll want to get them before they set seed–some of these weed seeds can be in the thousands. Seed heads will appear when the weather begins to get really hot, or the water levels begin to drop causing the plants to “stress.” A little picking will do wonders. You can also use boiled water or a dilution of boiled/hot water and vinegar will also get rid of some of those pesky ones. There are some great resources on how to get rid of some common lawn weeds that I will share in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful weather.

Let’s get dirty….

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