Website Under New Management

Good news, everyone! Administration of the official SSCA website has been taken over by new management (me). I will be making updates and changes over the next month.

Thank you for your patience as I bring the site up to date. Stay tuned!




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7 Responses to Website Under New Management

  1. A Burton says:

    Looking forward to it! thanks for taking it on.
    A burton

  2. Susan Lammond says:

    Thanks, Brian!

    [Came to look for the 2017 association monthly fee amount. Would be nice to have links to this and other info (parking rules, paint colors, etc) posted with the other links on the side of the home page.
    Will check the latest two newsletters but I think the annual meeting was after?? Thanks for posting the newsletters!]

  3. Susan Lammond says:

    Wanted to edit my previous reply but can’t find it. I just saw the rules and regs link under the picture — so I was going to delete the part about a link to parking regs and paint colors. 😉 Haven’t found next year’s assoc. fee yet. Guess I’ll have to tackle my email box. Ugh.

    In case my previous msg didn’t get through–

    Thanks Brian for taking over the administration of this site!

  4. strathmeade says:

    You’re welcome. New messages go into a queue before they are reviewed and approved for the site. Sometimes it takes a while.
    I am working with Dale and the Board to update all of the regulation information. Slowly, but surely.

  5. Rich Evet says:

    Left messages with Sequoia Management about fence paint colors but no response so far. Could you post them in a reply here? Thanks

  6. Rich Evert says:

    Make that Rich Evert

  7. strathmeade says:

    Rich, the approved Paint Colors can be found in the approved Architecture Guidelines document linked in the Rules and Regulations page.

    Because this is a common question, I’ll try to find a good spot on the rules page for this information.

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