Nov President’s Message

We held our annual meeting on October 26th. I would like to thank those
neighbors that attended the meeting and those who may not have been able to
come but participated by proxy.

We had three vacancies and four board member’s terms expire. I was
disappointed to see that only one new member stepped up to volunteer on the
board. It has been my experience that the folks who attend the annual meetings
and who participate in other committees are ex-board members. I am thankful
that they continue to participate but the real question is what can be done to
convince new blood to join the board. We continue to see folks with good
intentions yet unable to follow through. If there is a problem with the board, by
all means come to the board meeting and let us know what can be done
differently or email Dale Edwards of Sequoia Management.

The board is at a point where we may not have either a president or a treasurer.
Due to other commitments and given the fact that I have participated on the
board for more than three years, I am nearing the point where I can no longer
meet the commitments of the board but most definitely the commitment of the
president. There has not been any interest in taking the president position and it
will be a shame that in a community of 309 units if viable candidates have all
been exhausted.

I thank folks like Bruce, Jackie, and Bob, who, continue to participate on the
board long after their feeling of duty has expired. Please feel free to come to the
monthly meeting or email and step up.

Simona Cicero, the recreations chair, has done an excellent job providing a
successful pool season. She dealt with the pool contractor and handled the
maintenance of the pool and the installation of the pool cover to preserve and
extend the life of the pool. She did significant research on pool covers to weigh
the benefits vs. the cost.

Alex and Jackie continue to be invaluable in their board. Again we also extend
thanks to Bob and Bruce for their experiences and thoughts.

Please consider volunteering, I am sure we can use some of your skills.

Thank you for attending the annual Halloween costume parade. It was another successful year.

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween.

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